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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Eric Arvin Support Fund

One of my favourite authors Eric Arvin is in hospital awaiting brain surgery and a fund has been set up to help with costs for his treatment,and accommodation for his partner TJ and his family. It's at times like this that I remember how lucky I am to live in a country with a national health service.

Eric & TJ have a real life love story that has been played out on-line to their fans and readers, they've just moved across country to live together and are supposed to be starting their happily ever after - and now they are dealing with this. Both authors are generous to their fans, interacting with them on-line and I know that Eric has replied to any comments I have made on his website etc. He is polite, nice and an all round good guy - they both are. I am so sad they are having to deal with this.

I'm posting the link so that if anyone feels they would like to help contribute to the cause they can. Good luck Eric & TJ - together you are strong. I'm thinking of you both.

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