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Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch ****

The Republic of Thieves (Gentleman Bastard, #3)The Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Okay so my review of The Republic of Thieves - it's taken a while for me to get round to reviewing this, strange really as it has been my most anticipated book of 2013.

Scott Lynch has a style that is unmistakably his. His sentences and story lines are intricate, they are playful, they are serious. They can be deceptive and cunning - but they are never boring and they never leave you lost. Even through the most complex of story lines I never have to stop and remember who's who or what is happening. He is a master of intricacy - IMO.

The Lies of Locke Lamora and Red Seas Under Red Skies were my favourite discoveries of the year. I adored the characters, the action, the fantasy, the story line. I love how characters appear in each story - even though the story is moving on. I appreciate Scott Lynch's use of back story - it is never boring and always adds to the story.

TROT had all of this, we got some answers and we got some more mysteries. We found out a little more about the mysterious mages and most importantly the elusive Sabetha was finally in it. We learnt about Locke and Sabetha's relationship over the years. We saw interaction between them now and it was great. As ever we had a current situation that Locke and Jean had got themselves into, we saw their trickery at play. This time though their 'nemesis' was Sabetha - fellow Gentleman Bastard. What a great twist. There was nothing in this book that I didn't enjoy.

Yet it didn't leave me with the horrendous book hangover I had after TLOLL and RSURS and it took me while to work out why. After all I truly loved everything about it. Then I realised what it was missing for me and in a word that is Jean. Now I make no secret of the fact the Jean is one of my all time favourite book characters. I also have the hugest crush on him, but that's kinda beside the point. The relationship between Jean and Locke is the thing that I can't leave when I read these books and, while they were both in this one, they were both friends and together plotting and scheming in this one, the focus of the relationship part of the book is on Sabetha and Locke rather than Jean and Locke and though this was totally necessary and I knew this going in, for me it was a let down.

I love the relationship between Jean and Locke. I mean these guys love each other - I'm not talking sex here, I know their relationship is platonic (though side note, reading fanfic of these two lead me to M/M fiction), but they were willing to die for each other. They spend their lives looking out for each other and protecting each other and....well, that is love. That is what kept me so hooked. It was my food and water. I enjoy every aspect of the series and Scott Lynch is an amazing writer but the bit that really spoke to me was Locke and Jean. Together against the world.

It is still a fabulous book, I am still really looking forward to the next in the series, it's just in my world I wanted more Jean and Locke. But that's my issue - not a problem with the book.

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