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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Dreaming big.

As I may have mentioned, my day job is as a primary school teaching assistant. This week in our school we are encouraging children to think about their dreams and goals and helping them think about how they can start to achieve these. The emphasis is on their dreams and goals - not ours. It may be something small - like improving their handwriting, it may be something big like becoming Man U's best goal scorer, the point is, it's their dreams. I love this, for too long it has felt as though we say to our children this is the goal I want you to achieve instead of asking them what they want to achieve.

To link it in to me and this blog, I am working hard at my dream of becoming a published author. The Hunter's Companion has been read by my beta reader, I asked her to let me know how she felt the story panned out, was the pacing good, did the twists and turns make sense, did it read well, what were her thoughts on the characters etc and the feedback she gave me was brilliant. A couple of minor things needed to be altered but generally she thoroughly enjoyed it. This is good news for me. So I now have the MS printed off and am going through with a red pen, looking for typo's, repeated words and poorly constructed sentences. Generally, I much prefer writing to editing, but there have been times, while editing, that I have read back my work and thought holy smoke did I really write that - it's good. I know this may sound egotistical, but I spend A LOT of time doubting my writing, second guessing what I've written, even hating it, so to re-read it and enjoy it is, I think, a good thing - hopefully one day it'll be actual readers reading it and enjoying it.

The editing process is taking longer than I would really like, mainly because I have started my next novel. In a change of genre - I suppose to reflect my more recent reading habits - I am writing an M/M novel. It is unimaginatively titled James and Tom at the moment and is (as ever for me) pretty much completely unplanned. I was going to plan this one, I really was, but I guess I just don't write that way.
I have a vague idea in my head of the outcome, I've written character profiles for Jay and Tom so I know the two characters pretty well and then I kind of wing it. At the moment it is really good fun - I've written my first ever sex scenes, fun! I've researched free-running (those guys and gals are totally mad and totally cool) and mince pie recipes. Writing is never boring.

(Jake Bass) Absolutely gorgeous - this is how I picture Jay, my free runner.

Hall-o! - And this is how I imagine Tom to look - what a handsome pair they make. Right?

I'm aiming to get the edits done to THC as soon as possible so I can re-send back to Hilary Johnson, book doctor extraordinary. I will keep posting my writing info as well as my book reviews and maybe even snippets. So watch this space.

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