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Monday, 2 September 2013

Junk by Josephine Myles *****

JunkJunk by Josephine Myles

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Okay, well I've literally sat down all day reading because I couldn't put this book down.

Jasper has a problem hoarding books (I'm feeling you Jasper, I really am) and Lewis is half of the clearing out company he hires to help him with his problem. Despite growing feelings between the two men, Lewis is trying not to let the relationship develop as he feels he is abusing his power as therapist to Jasper. He's worried that Jasper's feelings are really only a transference of the safety he feels with Lewis and that when his hoarding problem is sorted Jasper will no longer be needing him.

It is obvious from the start that these two men are supposed to be together and Josephine Miles writes a brilliant love story, the kind that leaves you longing for the romance to develop. As well as the romantic storyline, she tackles the hoarding storyline beautifully. It could have been boring or tedious but it wasn't.

I love the humour in this book. Some of it's very subtle and some of it is cringworthngly (total made up word, but none that exist fit it quite right) out there. The naked parents, I wanted to see more (er, not literally obviously, literally it was all on display, they were after all, naked) of them. So funny, maybe an angle to consider when the children are old enough to date. But no, the thought of preparing chilli, naked...well yeah. Ouch. I diverse, but these are the thoughts this book had me having. I loved it.

Another new author to add to my got-to-read pile. I'm thinking of avoiding GR for a while, it's seriously bad for my bank account and housework. But then all those Jasper, could I have the phone number for Lewis please?

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