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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The air swirled around Jay....

Okay, well I've done it, I broke the blank page and started my new story. It is nameless as yet, sits on my USB key under the imaginatively titled file 'James and Tom' - guess the characters names. Anyone?

Sooo, cos I love everyone who reads my blog I thought I'd post the first couple of paragraphs. This is literally just as I have typed them, no editing or over thinking, just let my brain and fingers go for it. It could - and most likely will - change completely before the novel is done and dusted, but there is something special about those first few lines. The whole world is your oyster with them, there is no limitations, only the boundaries your imagination constructs. Your characters could be anyone, anywhere. It's exciting stuff folks, it really is. So without any further ado, my new book's opening paragraphs;

The air swirled around Jay, swallowing him into the dimming light. For a couple of seconds he didn't have to think any more, just feel the air rushing past and the quietness of the world around him. Too soon the ground came rushing upwards and he flexed his hips. Bending his knees slightly to absorb the impact,his feet felt the ground and he pushed forward into a roll, sprung to his feet and ran.

His pace was fast, steady. He ran with aim as the city lived behind him. The bright lights and frenetic sounds of night-life were off his radar, just beyond his full awareness. To Jay it was just background noise, like the whirring of the fridge late at night, it was always there but until you stopped and listened you didn't hear it. The sounds of which he was aware were the pounding of his feet on the tarmac, his breath ragged and heavy with exercise and the air whizzing past his ears.

The car park was ahead and he didn't break his stride as he ran towards the wall. One, two, three steps, then he launched up, arms swinging overhead. He gained momentum, the ball of his foot found the dented bricks and he pushed up higher, his fingers grabbed the edge of the wall and he pulled himself up and over. A handspring, short sprint and wall vault later and he stood in front of his car. Breathless for just a short space of time he rode the adrenaline rush that coursed through his body before he climbed into his car.

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