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Monday, 5 August 2013

Too many books?

Never in my life did I think I would have too many things to read. Honestly I didn't think this was possible, at the moment though I've outdone myself and have an enormous TBR pile. There are five books I've won recently (and one more on its way), several MS's on authonomy - including one promised MS swap, so I really need to get to that one. Three books I've bought that are sitting on my shelves waiting and a couple on my e-reader. Woke Up in a Strange Place by Eric Arvin is next though. One big bonus of working in a school - time off over summer!

An un-read book is like a glittery, gift wrapped Christmas present, too tempting to ignore for long, but I've also (as you'll probably realise form my recent book reviews) just discovered the amazing author that is TJ Klune and like all good obsessed fangirls have decided it is imperative to read his entire back catalogue in as short a time as possible. This is not new behaviour, I quite frequently become obsessed (scary word) with the writings of one particular person and have to read everything they've written. Most recently I was sure I'd never read another book again until Scott Lynch had finished The Gentleman Bastard series. Of course, as I am physically unable to go a day without reading something, that didn't last for long! Thank god I'm a fast reader and hate housework. (Though I will say as well as reading TJ Klune's books last week I also managed to decorate my daughter's bedroom and spend some quality time with the little toe-rags - though when I said I wanted to decorate the kitchen next, them splatter painting all available surfaces yesterday wasn't really what I had in mind...but I diverse).

Anyway with all this reading, decorating, child entertaining etc. writing has been a little neglected. Of course those characters don't stay quiet for long so I did manage to get a little bit done last night. I've only got about 3-5k left to write, I've already managed 90k, how hard can it be to get those last couple of thou out?? Pretty hard unless I get it written soon because THE NEXT GREAT IDEA is banging away in my skull. I will not write it until I've done THC and sent it back to Hilary Johnson, but it is resurrecting some characters from a story I started just after my dad died. I'm not re-looking at the whole story, just two of the characters and their story up to the point where they become characters in Journey. But I will finish THC first. I will. *Yes you bloody well will Lorraine, you're not getting distracted at the last flipping hurdle. So there.*

- The images I used as inspiration for Nate Hunter and Regan White, two of the MC's in The Hunter's Companion. I'm only posting cos they're pretty!

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