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Friday, 23 August 2013

Done and dusted - well until the next edits!

Well I've done it, this round of edits is complete and I have sent The Hunter's Companion off to my beta reader. I am surprisingly nervous. I have sent a list of questions to her of things I would like her to check for, consistency, readability, if it's interesting (oh God, please let it be interesting), how well the two story lines (1645 &2013) mesh together. It came in at just over 104,000 words - too long for a YA novel? I don't know. I don't know anything anymore! I'm going to step away from this book until such time that I have some feedback - so on to my new venture.

I've decided to try my hand at some M/M as this is a genre I have been reading loads lately. I'm going to be resurrecting two characters from a novel I started just after my dad died. Although that novel was never finished, I think it was more therapy for me writing the bits I did, I still love the characters. James and Tom are a steadfast couple in Journey but I want to write about how they first met. The anxieties and troubles affecting them, especially James. I am so excited to be writing this book and I am really glad I get a chance to start before school (therefore work) starts in couple of weeks. AND - I'm even going to do some planning (I'll just wait while my beta picks herself up from the floor), yep planning, not my strong point but I want to be able to sit and write knowing where this story is going and pretty much
how it's going to get there. Maybe then my characters will behave and not develop mind of their own. I need to install some discipline and the naughty step just didn't work, so plans it is. Wish me luck.

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