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Monday, 12 August 2013

As we went past Sandringham woods last night on the way to the beach Big G said, 'Wave, the Queen's over there.'
DD (9) said, 'Dad, she's not in the woods!'
He said, 'Yeah, didn't you know she drinks a bottle of Lambrini and dresses up in a bear onsie then runs around the woods on a Sunday night?' DS (8) is in hysterics, tears rolling down his cheeks, hardly able to talk for laughing. DD is disowning her dad. Hmm, guess who got Big G's sense of humour?

The beach, on the Norfolk coast overlooking the BEAUTIFUL north sea, was stunning as ever. We had a fabulous evening. Got some strange looks when we had to stop and feed the dog and give him his insulin where we were parked. He's diabetic and has to be fed and given his injection exactly twelve hours apart, it was too beautiful evening to waste at home though, so we took it all with us.


  1. Gorgeous pics, Lori! (And your DH sounds as if he share my DH's sense of humour...) xxx

  2. Thank you Kate. I just love this coastline, a summer's evening, the family, dog and beach = perfect. And the sense of humour - you have my sympathies!

  3. Beautiful pics, really must get up to Norfolk soon!

  4. Yes you should - I mean it's not like you've got anything major going on in the next few weeks or anything.... Lori x