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Monday, 22 July 2013


I've just uploaded a partial of my current WIP, The Hunter's Companion, to the authonomy website. This is a site run by Harper Collins, where members read and review other member MS's, the top 5 each month get to the editors desk and are actually reviewed by a Harper Collins editor. Now I'm being cheeky by asking if any of my friends, family or total strangers, would mind joining up (it's easy) and putting my book on your bookshelf. You wouldn't have to do anything other than open an account and place THC on you shelves, it is really simple. Of course if you wanted to read it and comment, hey all the help I can get is appreciated! If you are on there, and wanted to add another book to your shelves, Lynda Louise Mangoro has her first novel Awakening of the Dream Riders looking for shelf space too. I thank anybody in advance who is able to do this - it really means a lot to me. Today a virtual bookshelf - hopefully in the not to distant future a real one! Here's the link!

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