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Friday, 26 July 2013


My current WIP is The Hunter's Companion. If truth be told it's been my current WIP for a long time, but it's progressing and is a full novel of around 90,000 words. As I mentioned in an earlier post I sent it away to a 'book doctor' and have since been working on improvements and edits according to the comments I received.

As I also mentioned editing was going well, I'd inserted new characters and changed current story-lines to suit. I'd altered existing characters to fit in with the new ones - the essence of my novel is still there, in fact in many chapters alterations have been fairly subtle. Sometimes the entire chapter has been re-written, but mostly I have added in things that have meant minor changes, the odd sentence or paragraph.

Then I got to the ending. Now the actual outcome won't change at all, and to a certain extent how I reach that outcome remains the same. However I do have more players in the game now so I do have to take into consideration where they are, how they would react, what their dynamics add to, or alter, at the end. Or to be more accurate how they result in the original ending still occurring. Still with me? Good, well I have to tell you folks, it's giving me a headache. The more I sit and type the further away from my original ending I seem to be getting and the route back longer and more convoluted.

And this isn't even the biggest problem I am facing with this WIP. I recently (like two days ago) realised a flaw that should have been glaringly obvious weeks ago. Some of the malevolence in my story seems to be happening very conveniently for my main character. It always manages to happen when she's not at work or in the middle of something else important. Ouch. How did I miss this??

So my 'mission' for the time being, writing wise, is to step away from my computer and get out the planning book. Work out the route to the ending and brain blast ideas of how to sort out my evil without a complete re-write. It's scary - like proper scary. I've been typing away merrily, generally quite pleased with my progress and then I come to these stumbling blocks. I was so tempted to put it away and go back to one of my other partial WIPs (am I the only one with many partials in my writing files?) but you know what, I've put a lot of effort into The Hunter's Companion - 90k + worth of effort. I may have to cut and add and cut again, but I believe in my novel. I believe that one day it will be on the shelves in the shops. I believe I have a good story that young adults (and adult adults) will enjoy. So I'm going to suck it up and carry on and hopefully Regan, Nate and co will co-operate! Wish me luck!

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